St Kilda West Beach Will Come Alive this Friday!

Last minute preparations are taking place to bring you Melbourne’s first ever beach event! Whilst this is a fully inclusive, pre-paid event for ticket holders, it is also a FREE community event whereby visitors can enjoy the polo from the sidelines of the polo arena via access to the public beach.

Here’s a few tips to make your evening a success:


Gates and marquees open at 5pm on Friday 17 February 2017 at St Kilda West Beach (which is right next door to West Beach Bathers Pavilion at 330A Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda West).

Car, Taxi and Uber drop off points are just outside the West Beach Bathers Pavilion and nearby Fitzroy Street & Park Street provide tram access to and from the event.

Peak hour traffic can tend to be heavy along Beaconsfield Parade so be sure to plan ahead to get there on time.

Tickets & Entry:

This is a pre-paid event so please ensure that you bring along a printed copy of the ticket as ticket scanning will be conducted at the gates and you will be allocated a wrist band to provide access to your marquee.

If you have been issued a wristband please attach this prior to entry.

NOTE: All tickets must be purchased by midnight Thursday 16 February 2017. Additionally, this is an over 18’s event as alcohol will be served in the marquees and ID may be requested at the front gate. We recommend you bring along your ID for smooth entry.


Ladies and gents, the majority of this event is held on sand so we recommend you wear appropriate footwear. It’s definitely time to kick off the heels!

The Kennedy VIP Marquee and the Heineken 3 Deck marquees will have part flooring, part sand. The Heineken 3 Deck also has an upstairs deck area which of course is fully floored!

The Coldstream Cider Beach Club Marquee is  set up on the sand and access and egress to the marquees will be via sand.

There will be canvas bags available near the main entrance, for any guests wishing to kick off their shoes.

Matches & Entertainment:

Commences at 5.45pm

After Party:

From 9pm at St Hotel located on Fitzroy Street, St Kilda.

Entry will be free (upon showing your wristband from the Kennedy Twilight Beach Polo).

For more event updates and news follow us on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & TWITTER… See you on the sand!